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Tropical Storm Warning + 1 More Alert
Tropical Storm Warning

Tropical Storm Warning issued August 4 at 5:01AM EDT by NWS Boston/Norton MA


* WIND - LATEST LOCAL FORECAST: Below tropical storm force wind - Peak Wind Forecast: 20-30 mph with gusts to 50 mph

- THREAT TO LIFE AND PROPERTY THAT INCLUDES TYPICAL FORECAST UNCERTAINTY IN TRACK, SIZE AND INTENSITY: Potential for wind 39 to 57 mph - The wind threat has remained nearly steady from the previous assessment. - PLAN: Plan for hazardous wind of equivalent tropical storm force. - PREPARE: Remaining efforts to protect property should be completed as soon as possible. Prepare for limited wind damage. - ACT: Move to safe shelter before the wind becomes hazardous.

- POTENTIAL IMPACTS: Limited - Damage to porches, awnings, carports, sheds, and unanchored mobile homes. Unsecured lightweight objects blown about. - Many large tree limbs broken off. A few trees snapped or uprooted, but with greater numbers in places where trees are shallow rooted. Some fences and roadway signs blown over. - A few roads impassable from debris, particularly within urban or heavily wooded places. Hazardous driving conditions on bridges and other elevated roadways. - Scattered power and communications outages.

* FLOODING RAIN - LATEST LOCAL FORECAST: - Peak Rainfall Amounts: No significant rainfall forecast

- THREAT TO LIFE AND PROPERTY THAT INCLUDES TYPICAL FORECAST UNCERTAINTY IN TRACK, SIZE AND INTENSITY: Little or no potential for flooding rain - The flooding rain threat has decreased from the previous assessment. - PLAN: There is little or no potential for flooding rain. - PREPARE: Little to no preparations are needed to protect against flooding rain at this time. - ACT: Monitor for changes to the forecast.

- POTENTIAL IMPACTS: Little to None - Little to no potential impacts from flooding rain.

* TORNADO - LATEST LOCAL FORECAST: - Situation is unfavorable for tornadoes

- THREAT TO LIFE AND PROPERTY THAT INCLUDES TYPICAL FORECAST UNCERTAINTY IN TRACK, SIZE AND INTENSITY: Tornadoes not expected - The tornado threat has decreased from the previous assessment. - PLAN: Tornadoes are not expected. Showers and thunderstorms with gusty winds may still occur. - PREPARE: Little to no preparations needed to protect against tornadoes at this time. Keep informed of the latest tornado situation. - ACT: Listen for changes in the forecast.

- POTENTIAL IMPACTS: Little to None - Little to no potential impacts from tornadoes.

* FOR MORE INFORMATION: - https://www.weather.gov/box
Tropical Cyclone Statement
Tropical Cyclone Statement issued August 4 at 5:12AM EDT by NWS Boston/Norton MA

This product covers Southern New England

** Tropical Storm Isaias To Impact Southern New England Later Today and Early Tonight **


NEW INFORMATION ---------------


* CURRENT WATCHES AND WARNINGS: - A Tropical Storm Warning is in effect for northern Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode island.

* STORM INFORMATION: - About 530 miles southwest of Nantucket MA - 36.3N 77.5W - Storm Intensity 70 mph - Movement North-northeast or 20 degrees at 28 mph

SITUATION OVERVIEW ------------------

Tropical Storm Isaias is expected to quickly track through southeast New York and western New England this evening, before heading into northern New England. Most of the storm's impacts will occur during about a 6 hour period from late this afternoon through early tonight.

Strong southerly winds gusting to 40 to 60 mph may be capable of downing some trees and power lines. There is also the possibility of an isolated tornado, especially near the Connecticut River Valley. Rainfall totals of 1 to 3 inches are expected, with the higher totals closer to the Berkshires, where urban or small stream flooding may occur. Rainfall totals will decrease farther east. Much of Rhode Island and eastern Massachusetts should receive less than one inch of rain.

Minor coastal flooding will affect south coastal Rhode Island and Massachusetts during high tide early tonight, resulting in inundation of 1 to 2 feet ground level, primarily affecting more vulnerable shore roads and low lying areas.

Rough surf and an increased risk of dangerous rip currents will affect south coastal beaches today and Wednesday.

POTENTIAL IMPACTS -----------------

* WIND: Protect against dangerous wind having possible significant impacts across southern New England. Potential impacts in this area include: - Several large trees snapped or uprooted. - Scattered power and communications outages.

* FLOODING RAIN: Protect against rainfall flooding having possible significant impacts across parts of western Massachusetts and northern Connecticut. Potential impacts include:

- Small streams, creeks, and ditches may overflow. - Rapid inundation of underpasses, low-lying spots, and poor drainage areas. Some streets and parking lots take on moving water as storm drains and retention ponds overflow. Driving conditions become hazardous.

Elsewhere across Southern New England, little to no impact is anticipated.

* TORNADOES: Protect against a tornado event having possible limited impacts across Southern New England, especially near the Connecticut River Valley. Potential impacts include: - A few places may experience tornado damage, along with power and communications disruptions. - Large tree tops and branches snapped off, shallow-rooted trees knocked over, and minor damage to roofs.

* SURGE: Minor impacts are anticipated across south coastal Rhode Island and Massachusetts, including the Narragansett Bay shoreline, around the time of high tide tonight which occurs between 930 PM and 10 PM. Inundation of 1 to 2 feet above ground level is possible.

*PRECAUTIONARY/PREPAREDNESS ACTIONS...* EVACUATIONS: Listen to local official for recommended preparedness actions, including possible evacuation. If ordered to evacuate, do so immediately.

* OTHER PREPAREDNESS INFORMATION: Now is the time to complete all preparations to protect life and property in accordance with your emergency plan. Ensure you are in a safe location before the onset of strong winds or possible flooding.

Keep cell phones well charged. Cell phone chargers for automobiles can be helpful, but be aware of your risk for deadly carbon monoxide poisoning if your car is left idling in a garage or other poorly ventilated area.

Rapidly rising flood waters are deadly. If you are in a flood-prone area, consider moving to higher ground. Never drive through a flooded roadway. Remember, turn around don't drown!

If a Tornado Warning is issued for your area, be ready to shelter quickly, preferably away from windows and in an interior room not prone to flooding. If driving, scan the roadside for quick shelter options.

Closely monitor weather.gov, NOAA Weather radio or local news outlets for official storm information. Be ready to adapt to possible changes to the forecast. Ensure you have multiple ways to receive weather warnings.

* ADDITIONAL SOURCES OF INFORMATION: - For information on appropriate preparations see ready.gov - For information on creating an emergency plan see getagameplan.org - For additional disaster preparedness information see redcross.org

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About Woburn Weather Center

Launched June 1, 2004
Woburn Weather Center is located in Woburn, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
Woburn, Massachusetts, is located about 10 miles northwest of Boston, nearly at the head of the Mystic River Valley and roughly halfway between Lowell and Boston. L-shaped and comprising 13 square miles of land, it is a small city of approximately 37,000 people. We are bordered by the towns of Wilmington on the north, Stoneham and Reading on the east, Winchester on the South, and Burlington and Lexington on the west.

Purpose of this website is to provide local weather observation data live from my private weather station along with other public available information. This is a private non-commercial project intended to provide our community with a free weather information service via the Internet. The reason for the project is that I am a weather nut, and I truly enjoy producing this website.
In addition to the data presented here at pauland.net the Woburn Weather Center Data is submitted to several weather data repositories these include:

The weather data is gathered by a Davis Instruments wireless VANTAGE PRO2 WEATHER STATION. The station measures barometric pressure, temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed as well as wind direction,and much more. The main weather station instrumentation consists of a Temperature gauge, rain gauge, and a Humidity sensor. These are mounted on a post in the back yard. A wind anemometer is mounted on the roof of the house. A barometric pressure gauge is inside the house. Here's a photo of the temperature, humidity, and rainfall sensors, along with one of the solar powered transmitters, which transmit the data to the desktop control unit.
weather station jpg
The weather station is connected to a PC which in turn is connected to the internet 24/7 via a Local Area Network , router, and Cable Modem. The P.C. and software are the real heart of a system such as this, they do the bulk of the work.

Software / Hardware History

June 1 , 2004 to December 31 , 2009 The weather station ran on a Pentium-III PC, running Windows 2000 and Virtual Weather Station Software.
January 1, 2010 to September 6 , 20017
The weather station ran on a SheevaPlug plug computer , running the Debian Linux Operating System , and WVIEW Weather Station Software.
This was truly an amazing hardware / software combination. Although the SheevaPlug had a modest 1.2Ghz processor, and a mere 512Mb of memory, it proved itself to be a real work horse, it's simple amazing how much work that mini server did day in and day out,for over 7 years with scarcely a problem or complaint. The software also proved itself to be extremely reliable and robust. Sadly the Wview software has not seen a new release since 03/17/2012 so it became harder to run because of it's use of outdated and unsupported libraries and dependencies. Time to move on to new software.
September 7 , 20017
The weather station is currently running on an Asus EeeBox EB1033 PC. It's a mini PC with a Intel Celeron J1900 / 2.0 GHz Quad-Core Processor, with 8 GB of ram. Running the Debian operating system and weeWX weather station software. weeWx is somewhat of a descendant of Wview, it's primary software developer, Tom Keffer, was a former Wview user. It uses the same database schema, so all the stations historical data was easily carried forward. weeWx is currently under very active development and has a large user help group. weeWX does everything I need so it will just be the typical learning curve to get things just the way I want.